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Snorkel Reef

A new dolphin calls Miramar Beach home. Just 200 yards from Miramar Beach is a unique dolphin shaped snorkel reef. It is accessible by paddle board or kayak. The dolphin reef recently joined others such as the sea turtle in Grayton Beach and the seahorse at Topsail Hill. Each reef has approximately 100 towers for sea life to enjoy a safe haven.

“We wanted to do something that would have both an ecological and economic impact in the community,” says Andy McAlexander, a SWARA board member and lifelong SCUBA diver. “We’re already seeing people come here to dive the reefs, which is cool.” (

The reefs add another dimension to the white sand beaches, state parks and nature trails that make Walton County a vacationers paradise. In addition to the snorkel reefs the South Walton Artificial Reef Association will be creating a unique Underwater Musuem of Art off Grayton Beach in June 2019. More to come as that comes to life.